January 1, 2013

Blessings Saints!

With the beginning of a new year many often determine to seek to know the Word of God better.

This is good.

Often, we set forth a path of reading through the Bible in a year.

This is good.

If such is your goal, press on.

In our local/online Bible studies we have been examining the Bible in its entirety.
We have covered the Old Testament.
We will begin the New Testament on January 22...a 10-week overview.

Personally I am seeking to do something new/different this year.

I seek/plan to read through the Gospels synoptically.
What is that?
Join me and see. Happy

I will be using the NET Bible Synopsis of the Four Gospels as primary resource.
It can be downloaded (free!) here -

Join me.

Here is today’s reading.
Read each passage.


Each of the Gospels has a prologue that is highly reflective of the purpose of the particular gospel.

Matthew speaks of the record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ - the son of David, the son of Abraham.

Mark declares the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ the Son of God.

Luke seeks to write an orderly account of that which has been fulfilled (previously prophesied) to the purpose that we can know for certain what we have been taught and what we believe.

John brings forth profound truth about the Lord in his extended prologue.

Give close attention to what we learn about Jesus from these passages:

  • Son of David
  • Son of Abraham
  • Son of God
  • Has a Gospel
  • Fulfilled prophecy
  • Was in the beginning
  • Was with God
  • Was fully God
  • Word was with God in the beginning
  • All things created by Him
  • Apart from Him not one thing was created
  • In Him is life
  • Light of mankind
  • Shines in the darkness
  • John testified of Him
  • Was in the world
  • Created the world
  • Not recognized by the world
  • Came to His own, but they received Him not
  • To all who receive Him/believe on His name He has give the right to become God’s children
  • Became flesh
  • Took up residence among us
  • His glory...of the One and Only, full of grace and truth
  • Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ
  • Has made God known

Remember this truth.
God can only be known through Jesus Christ.
We can only be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ.

Think on these things.
Allow these truths to transform you.
Allow the Lord to conform you to His likeness.

This daily walk through the Gospels will change us.