“Abram Listened to the Voice of Sarai”

October 14, 2016

“Abram Listened to the Voice of Sarai”

Blessings folk!

Remember, we are looking at the “great cloud of witnesses” of the faith found in Hebrews 11.

They are mentioned in Hebrews 11 because of their faith, not their perfection.
They did not always do what was correct.

We are looking at Abram…an extended journey. Happy

We continue…

Gen 16:1-2

Now Sarai, Abram’s wife had borne him no children, and she had an Egyptian maid whose name was Hagar.

So Sarai said to Abram, “Now behold, the LORD has prevented me from bearing children. Please go in to my maid; perhaps I will obtain children through her.” And Abram listened to the voice of Sarai.

Abram was 75 years old when he was told by God to go to a land to be shown him.
Sarai was 10 years younger.

They were promised children. Yet, none came.

Can you imagine the frustration, the pressure, the doubt?

Every month was confirmation that they were childless.

We have seen that Abram wondered if his lineage would be through his servant.
The Lord said no.
The Lord told Abram that he would have progeny from his own body.

Now, Sarai offers a solution.
A solution based upon frustration, anger?, impatience, etc.
Hagar suggested that Abram raise up children for them through her handmaiden, Hagar.
Abram’s response?
“Yeah, baby, baby…I’ll sacrifice for the cause…”
No, he did not say that, but did he seek the counsel of the Lord?
Yes, the Lord said that children would come through him, but the Lord mentioned nothing about another woman. We will see more about this later.

Abram listened to the voice of Sarai.
Where was the voice of the Lord?
What did he do?
…to be continued…