"Rejected, Received"

May 28, 2013

“Rejected. Received”

Blessings Folk!

Today’s reading:

Matthew 14:34-36
Mark 6:53-56
John 6:22-25


Jesus and His disciples crossed over the lake and landed at Gennesaret.
Note the reception.
When the people recognized Him, they sent out word throughout the region.
The sick came to Him.
They begged to touch His cloak.
All who touched were healed.

Remember the last time Jesus was here?

It was when He encountered the demoniacs.
The people had then asked Jesus to leave.
They were terrified that the demoniac was “clothed and in his right mind sitting at the feet of Jesus”.

Judge them not harshly.

How many today reject Jesus out of fear.
Even Believers do so.

Locally, much of the giftedness of the Lord is broadly and proudly rejected from the pulpit, assigned to a past time of application.

And we wonder why so many walk in powerlessness?

Meanwhile, the folk on the other side of the lake were wondering how Jesus got to where He was...the boat had already left! Happy
Wonder how they reacted when they heard about “walking n water”?

Reject not the Lord.
Grieve not the Holy Spirit.
Lovingly and compassionately correct those in error...even if they be the “pastor”.
The Truth must be proclaimed.

The people had rejected Jesus and His power once.
They would not make that mistake again.

How long will we?