March 24, 2013


Blessings Folk!

Today’s reading:

Matthew 7:21-27
Luke 6:46-49

What are you building your “house” upon?
What are you building your life upon?

If must be the Word of the Lord with deeds verifying.

There are so many that cry “Lord, Lord”, yet they do not what He commands.

Oh, certainly they are very busy with religious activity.

  • do they love?
  • do they seek first the Kingdom of God?
  • do they abide in the Lord?

We are entering into increasingly troubled times.

“They” will be made manifest.

Those who trust in the Lord will be evident…
  • mount up with wings as eagles
  • shine as the stars in the firmament
  • lead many to righteousness

Those whose “house” is build upon the sand will be quickly washed away.
Oh, it will look good.
In our society it will be “for the children” and “obedience”.

It will prove to be fatal.

Determine today to build upon the Word of the Lord.