The Word

December 29, 2008

Blessings Folk!!

Forgive me for the erratic nature of our times together of late.

Without boring you...suffice it to say that all computers can have problems. Happy

It appears that I will be doing a total redesign of website, blog, etc. Gonna go for a simpler, cleaner look/function. We’ll see.

I want to encourage you to join us in something.

We are planning a systematic reading of the Bible this year.

Believers often determine to do such at the beginning of the year.

Rarely do they complete the goal.

We shall.

We are using a unique tool - a chronological Bible. This is simply a Bible that has the text arranged according to chronology…the order of events along a time-line.

You can order it here. Big sale!!

so that's why bible - Search

Why are we doing this?

Most people do not know the truth of the Word that the Lord has given us.

Most believers know what they have been told. They have not received the Word of the Lord empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Yesterday, at our corporate gathering time, a statement was made several times. Something along this line…”then, what I was told was not the truth?”

Folk were seeing truth about the beginning - Genesis…

Folk were seeing the truth about the end - Revelation…

The most exciting thing is that the Lord is revealing His truth to His people individually. He is teaching us.
He is directing.
He is preparing.

So many are deceived as to the the truth of the Lord.

So many turn to man. They say “but so-n-so says!!”. They do not know what God says!

I’m watching a program at this moment that is expounding upon the coming of the Lord. They are totally wrong according to timing...just used this phrase…”basically, probably, most-likely...LOL”
They are misusing Scripture.
They are ignoring Scripture.
Most folk will swallow it whole.

They will be unprepared for the days yet to come.
They will be open to deception.

We must know the Word of the Lord ourselves.

Hear what the Lord says in Psalm 119.

Ps 119:105
105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.


Believers so often walk in darkness because they reject the Word of the Lord.

Let us not be counted among them.

Listen not to the lies of the enemy. He will tell you that…
you are not smart enough
you can not understand
only certain people can know the Word
etc. etc.

Jesus tells us that He will teach us.

Let us receive.

Let us prepare.

We will be amazed at what the Lord will reveal.

We will begin on January 1!

A time of new beginnings.

Remember, the Lord gives us a place to begin again!!