February 13, 2017


Blessings folk!

Jesus responded to Philip’s “show us the Father” comment.

Jesus questioned whether they understood that He was in Father and Father was in Him.
Jesus told the disciple that the Words that He spoke were not His Words.
Rather, the Words were the Work of Father abiding in Him.
That is interesting.

Father abiding in Jesus.
Jesus in Father.

Words of Father are the Works.

Jesus then gives a commandment…an instruction.

John 14:11
“Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me;
otherwise believe because of the works themselves.

We are told to believe Jesus.
To believe that He is in Father and Father is in Him.

Then He says this.
If you are having a hard time believing in Father/Son, then believe because of the works themselves.

Believe=have faith.

Have faith in Jesus/Father.

Do we?

If we do have faith, then what might the Lord do through us to His praise, honor and glory?
We will see tomorrow.

For today, believe.
Believe Jesus.
Believe Father.
Rejoice in the peace and joy of belief!


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