March 5, 2013


Blessings Saints!

Today’s reading:
Matthew 6:19-21
Luke 12:33-34

What are you storing?
Where are you storing?
What do you treasure?

The Lord reveals two possibilities.

We are either storing things here on earth...accumulating the treasures of earth…
We are storing things in heaven.

Note that we are “storing up for yourselves” in both cases.

Jesus reveals the True issue.

It is a matter of the heart.

Where our treasure is, there will be our heart also.

The treasures of the earth will pass away...thieves, moths, second law of thermodynamics, etc.

The treasures of heaven fail not.

What does your heart pursue?
What do you treasure?
Lie not.
God knows.
Be certain that your treasures are His.
Make changes.