November 7, 2016


Blessings folk!

One more quick Word related to Sarah.

She had overheard that the Lord was granting a son to them.

She laughed in response.
Likely a combination of lack of faith, doubt, scorn?, humor, impossibility…

The Lord told Abraham about Sarah’s response.

Apparently Abraham confronted Sarah…

Genesis 15:18
Then Sarah denied,  saying,  I laughed  not;  for  she was afraid. 
And he said,  Nay;  but  thou didst laugh. 

Sarah denied the laughter.
Why do we do likewise?
Why is the “default position” of so many to deny and to lie?
To save face?

We are told “why” here with Sarah.
She was afraid.

Afraid of what?
The Lord?
Her husband?

Likely both.

She knew she had laughed.
She knew they knew.

“He” states, “Nay, but thou didst laugh”.
“He” is likely Abraham.

We see no “punishment’, just a confrontation with truth.

We have seen earlier that Sarah did believe - by faith.
We see this believe came about through a process.
A process common among all men.