February 23, 2013


Blessings Folk!

Today’s reading:
Matthew 5:17-20
Mark 13:31
Luke 16:16-17

Jesus was asked about His relationship to the Law.
Even today people question.

It is very simple.
Jesus did not come to abolish the Law.
Jesus came to fulfill the Law.

He said it forthrightly.

Jesus then gave examples/insight.

If someone teaches/commands someone to break a portion of the Law, he will consider to be least in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The one who teaches to obey the Law will be the greatest.

Much here beyond our format...seek the Lord.

Luke gives some help.

The Law and the Prophets were in force until John.
Since then, the good news of the Kingdom of God.
Everyone is urged to enter the Kingdom of God.

It is by entering the Kingdom that we fulfill the Law.
It is by entering the Kingdom that we keep the Law.

None of the Law is void.
The Law is fulfilled in the Lord.
Abide in the Lord and you abide in the Law fulfilled.