"Not the Same Love"

February 3, 2014

“Not the Same Love”

Blessings folk!

Clearly the Lord was letting us know that there will be tare among the wheat…
False believers among the True Believers…
Religious charlatans among the True life of the Kingdom.

How does this impact our lov’n OneAnother?

Remember what Jesus said…

John 13
35 “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

The world will know that we...True Believers...are His disciples by our love for OneAnother.

This love is from the Spirit.
Spirit unto Spirit.
It is a love that goes beyond the flesh and soul.
It is the Most High God dwelling within each Believer.
When each Believer chooses, and it is a choice, to abide in the Lord, then His love is released.

We as believers are to love OneAnother.
We are also to love the world.

But the love will not “be the same”.

From our perspective, it is the love of the Lord through us, but the world cannot reciprocate because they have not the love of the Lord

Such are the NonAnothers in the organizational church.

They have not the love of the Lord.
By definition, they are not a part of the True Organism of the Body of Christ.

They go about religious exercises, events, practices and deeds, yet they do not manifest the love of the Lord. They do not have it.

At best, they love in the flesh and the soul.

Many of the situations that the organizational church faces is due to this fact.

The NonAnothers have not the love of God.

The OneAnothers have the love.


Often Believers seek to handle a situation the way the Lord tells us to, yet it “does not work.”

Why is that?

Because we are assuming that all parties are true Believers.

Such is not so.

This is not to create an air of suspicion.
Nor, are we to seek to categorize folk.
We are to seek the Kingdom.
We are to exhort and encourage OneAnother unto righteousness and holiness.
We are to exalt the Lord above all.
We are to seek the well-being and salvation of all...especially the NonAnother who believes he is “alright with God”.

Redeemed love is the way.
Therefore, love OneAnother.
Love the NonAnother, seeking their conversion.