"Faith in the Storm"

March 31, 2013

“Faith in the Storm”

Blessings Folk!

Today’s reading:
Matthew 8:23-27
Mark 4:35-41
Luke 8:22-25


Little faith.
The disciples showed it, though I suspect we would do likewise.
The storm was strong.
The boat was being covered by the waves.
They sought Jesus to save them, though they accused Him of caring not.
So, they had the faith in Jesus to arouse Him for help.
What was their “little faith”?

Jesus had perfect faith.
He slept in the midst of the storm
No worry.
No anxiety.
Complete faith and trust in Father.

Jesus calmed the situation by rebuking the wind and the surging waves.
They stopped.

Jesus then asked “where is your faith”…”why are you cowardly, you people of little faith”?

The disciples faith in Jesus was increased by what He did.
They had faith in Him.
But, was there more inferred by the Lord’s inquiry?

He was challenging them to be not fearful.
He was challenging them to exercise faith.

I think there may be more here…

I think the Lord was challenging them to realize that they could have done something about the situation…in the name of the Lord.

Could they have stopped the storm in His name?
How about us?
I know of contemporary times when such has occurred?
Do you believe?
I do.
Do you have faith?
Lord, I believe.
Help my unbelief.