“He Delighted in Me”

August 24, 2019

“He Delighted in Me”

Blessings folk!!

David continues the long word of thanks and praise unto the Lord.

The Lord had rescued David.

The Lord did more.


2 Sa 22:20

“He also brought me forth into a broad place;
He rescued me, because He delighted in me.

The Lord brought David into a broad place…wide expanses…figuratively it means a place of freedom, a place free from stress and anxiety.

The Lord brought peace.
The Lord brought freedom.
The Lord rescued.
The Lord brought victory over enemies.


Because He delighted in David.

Why did the Lord delight in David?
Did David “do everything right”?
Was David “perfect”?

If you know anything about David, then you know he was not perfect.

Yet, the Lord delighted in Him.

We will see why.

Does the Lord delight in you?

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