March 8, 2013


Blessings Folk!

Today’s reading…
Matthew 6:25-34
Luke 12:22-32


Jesus directly addresses a serious situation that greatly impacts the contemporary church - worry, anxiety.

Jesus simply instructs - commands - us to not worry.

There is no leeway here.

We are not to worry about life.
We are not to fret.
Jesus gives some examples.

We are not to worry about food.
We are not to worry about clothing.

Father knows we need these things.

We are told what to do.
Pursue first the Kingdom and righteousness of God.
Seek after the Kingdom.

Do not seek after the things of the world.
Trust in the Lord to provide.

Many will say, “I just worry, I’m anxious.”
Many professing believers worry to the point that they choose a life of medication rather than trusting in the Lord.
This should not be.
Too many professing believers give greater faith and reliance to pharmakia than to the Lord.

Worry is the fruit of not trusting God.
Worry is evidence of “little faith.”
When we are worrying, we are placing ourselves “upon the Throne” rather than allowing God to reign.

What then shall we do?
Seek first the Kingdom of God.
Trust the Lord.
Know the Word.
Live the Word.

Do not be afraid.
Remember, Father has chosen you for the Kingdom… wow...