May 26, 2013


Blessings Folk!!

Today’s reading:

Matthew 14:13-21
Mark 6:32-44
Luke 9:10b-17
John 6:1-15


Most of us have read/heard this story many times.
Many sermons.

But, did you know the setup that we saw yesterday.
Jesus was seeking a time/place for He and the disciples to rest and be refreshed.

Yet, the people followed.
Though grieving…
Though tired…
Though seeking a time of rest and eating…
Jesus had compassion on the people.

He healed their sick.
He taught them many things.

The people became hungry at sundown.
The disciples solution was to send ‘em home.
Dismiss the meeting.
“Church is over.”

Jesus had other ideas.
He told the disciples to feed them.
Likely in their eyes.

They had very limited supplies - 5 loaves of bread, 2 fish - and tremendous need - 5 thousand men plus women and children. John tells us how they had those. The disciples were totally without resources.

Jesus wanted them to see/experience something.
The little we bring to the table can be used by God in amazing ways.

Jesus looked to heaven - so should we.
Jesus gave thanks for the provision - so should we.

If the Lord calls us to do something He will provide.
Fear not.
Let the Lord use you.