“The People Recognized Him”

August 15, 2017

“The People Recognized Him”

Blessings folk!

What happens when Jesus arrives?

What happens when the true church is released to function as the Lord designed?

What happens when the people have a true experience with God rather than with religion?

Mar 6:53-55

When they had crossed over they came to land at Gennesaret, and moored to the shore.

When they got out of the boat, immediately the people recognized Him,

and ran about that whole country and began to carry here and there on their pallets those who were sick, to the place they heard He was.

The people came to Jesus.

Upon recognizing that He was present, they ran to and fro gathering the sick and bringing them to Jesus.

Oh that such was today!

Today, rather than moving in the power and presence of the Most High, His Bride seeks to be “relevant”, “attractive”, “seeker-sensitive”, “non-threatening”, “entertaining”…I could go on and on.

We are called to be His Presence.
We are called to be holy as He is holy.

Then, He will do as He desires through His Body.
But, only if we quench not the Spirit.
Only if we abide Him.
Only if we obey.

May we recognize and run to Him.
May others do likewise.

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