February 14, 2013


Blessings Folk!

Today’s reading:
Matthew 9:14-17
Mark 2:18-22
Luke 5:33-39
John 3:29-30


John’s disciples had a questions of Jesus.
“Why do we fast and your disciples do not?”

Jesus’ answer was simple.
Because I Am with them.
They will fast when I am gone.
He then gives some examples...the new/old cloth, new/old wineskin.

What is Jesus saying?

The old religion will not hold the new...there will be tear and rupture is attempted.
The old self will not hold the new self.

We are the bride.
We await the coming of the Bridegroom.
He sits at the right hand of Father.
He dwells within us.

Mysteries of power and awe.
Walk in the newness of Life that is Him.