April 1, 2013


Blessings Folk!

Today’s reading is an extended one...press on!

Matthew 8:28-34
Mark 5:1-20
Luke 8:26-39

This is one of my favorite moments with the Savior.

Note the condition of men/man…
  • demon-possessed
  • extremely violent
  • forbade passage through the area
  • dwelled in the tombs
  • unchainable
  • screaming day and night
  • cutting themselves
  • saw the demon-possessed man...who was no longer demon-possessed!… clothed and in his right mind
    • wanted to go with Jesus
    • Jesus told him to go home and tell his people
- he did so throughout all the Decapolis

Note the reaction of the demons…
  • cried out to Jesus
  • leave us alone...begged...
  • do not torment us...before our time!
  • they know Jesus is the Son of the Most High God

Note how the Lord reacted…
  • the Lord has “started commanding the evil spirit to come out of the man”
  • spoke with the demons…”what is your name?”
  • allowed them to enter pigs
  • said “go”...they went

Note the reaction of the people
  • herdsmen spread the story of what happened
  • all the folk came out to see Jesus
  • seized with fear
  • when they heard and saw the man in his right mind...they asked Jesus to leave.

So much of the Body of Christ is fearful of such.
We refuse to move in the power of the Lord.
We do not do what He has called us to do.
We ask Jesus to leave.
We want things to be comfortable.

Some will say “I’ve never encountered a demon-possessed person”.
Yes you have.
Even the world has a phrase for it… “I don’t know what came over him?”

We must trust in the Lord rather than ourselves.
He wants to use His Body to set the captive free.
Do it.