"With A Word"

February 7, 2013

“With A Word

Blessings Folk!

Today’s reading:
Matthew 8:16-17
Mark 1:32-34
Luke 4:40-41

It was the end of the day...a long day.

The entire town...that is what the Word says...was gathered by the door.

Jesus was ministering to the needs of the folk.

They needed healing from sickness and diseases.
He healed all.
He healed by placing His hands on them.

They needed to be set free of demons.
The demons knew Jesus.
They were created by Jesus.
They were in heaven with Jesus.
Jesus drove out the demons with a Word.
The demons came out crying “You are the Son of God”, yet He would not allow them to speak.

Today is the same.
People need healing.
People need to be set free from demons.

What then are we to do?