"Doubt/Fear, Joy/Amazement"

December 20, 2013

“Doubt/Fear, Joy/Amazement”

Blessings folk!

Today’s reading:

Luke 24:36-43
John 20:19-23

A spirit? A ghost?

I suspect that we would react likewise.

The disciples were in the midst of hearing the latest account of an encounter with a living-raised-from-the-dead Jesus when suddenly, Jesus appears.

Jesus spoke peace upon them.

Note the change.

They had been troubled.
They had doubt in their hearts.

Now the Word says they still could not believe it, not because of doubt and fear, but due to joy and amazement.

The same phrase can carry vastly different meanings…
“I cannot believe it!” - doubt and fear
“I cannot believe it!” - joy and amazement

Jesus offered His body as evidence that He is alive.
They touched.
He ate.
They were amazed and overjoyed.
We still are.

Jesus sends them forth.

One final thing that people often overlook...I do not believe I have ever heard a sermon, Sunday School lesson, etc. on this.

Jesus breathed on them and told them to “receive the Holy Spirit”.

It is often stated that the church was birthed on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came, but we have the Lord breathing the Spirit upon them here.

Meditate upon that.
There are some profound ramifications for the Body of Christ today.

They had the Spirit.
Jesus would soon tell them to tarry until they are “endued with power from on high”.