“Worthy or Wicked”

December 2, 2018

“Worthy or Wicked”

Blessings folk!

Solomon was now king.

Adonijah was terrified.
He went and grabbed the horns of the altar.

Adonijah feared that Solomon would put him to death.

1 Ki 1:50-53

And Adonijah feared because of Solomon, and arose, and went,
and caught hold on the horns of the altar.

And it was told Solomon, saying, Behold, Adonijah feareth king Solomon:
for, lo, he hath caught hold on the horns of the altar, saying,
Let king Solomon swear unto me to day that he will not slay his servant with the sword.

And Solomon said, If he will shew himself a worthy man,
there shall not an hair of him fall to the earth:
but if wickedness shall be found in him, he shall die.

So king Solomon sent, and they brought him down from the altar.
And he came and bowed himself to king Solomon:
and Solomon said unto him, Go to thine house.

Holding the horns of the altar was a form of protection for those accused.

Adonijah wanted Solomon to swear that no harm would come to him.

Solomon agreed, with this caveat…

If Adonjah should himself to be a worthy man, then no harm would come his way.
Not hair of him would fall on the earth.

But, if wickedness was found in him, then he would die.

Adonijah was fetched from the altar.
He came and bowed before King Solomon.
Solomon sent him home.

Wonder how this will work out…?

Be worthy.
Be not wicked.