"Stumbling Blocks"

August 17, 2013

“Stumbling Blocks”

Blessings Folk!

Today’s reading:

Matthew 18:6-7
Mark 9:42
Luke 17:1-3

Jesus gives a direct command.

He warns us about stumbling blocks.
Those who cause believers in Jesus to sin…to stumble.
Jesus tells us that stumbling blocks are inevitable.
They will come.
But, woe to them.
It is better that they be tied to a millstone and drowned in the depth of the sea rather than causing one who believes to sin, especially little ones.

There is a picture of children, but “Little Ones” is not limited to chronological age.

Therefore, Jesus commands.
Be on your guard. NASB
Watch yourself. NET
Take heed to yourselves. KJV

We see that we have a responsibility to be certain that we do not become a stumbling block.

We also have a role in watching for one another.
If your brother sins, rebuke him. Notice the KJV states “if thy brother trespass against thee…”
If your brother repents, forgive him.

Be on your guard.
Watch yourselves.
Take heed to yourself.
Do not be a stumbling block.
If your brother sins agains you, rebuke him.
If your brother repents, forgive him.