April 1, 2014


Blessings folk!

Had an interesting discussion today in local Bible study about a truth that we see in this verse.


Romans 15:17
17 Therefore in Christ Jesus I have found reason for boasting in things pertaining to God.

In what do we boast?

The classroom conversation centered upon “inviting people to church.”
Hear me carefully...today and tomorrow… Happy Happy

We do not see “inviting people to church” in the Word.
Now, I know what people mean by the phrase.
But, here is the problem.
We are to call people to the Lord.
We are to invite people to the Lord.
We are to go and proclaim the good news (Gospel) of the Kingdom - the death, burial, resurrection of the Lord Jesus...the Kingdom of God.

For the most part Believers do not do that.

They provide a “safe” substitute.
They “invite people to church”.
There, someone else will tell folk what the truth is…
There, someone else will tell what has happened to us…
There, someone else will… you get the idea.

We cross the line from “inviting” to being proud about what is happening in our gatherings.
Often there are true blessings of God.
But, we exalt the blessing rather than the Blessed.

We are not to “invite people to church”.
We are to speak the truth of the Kingdom of God.
Each of us is to do so in the way that God has equipped us.

We are to boast in the things pertaining to God and in the Lord Jesus...we will see more tomorrow.

For today, do you share the true Gospel of the Kingdom, or do you substitute a false religious exercise?

The difference is life vs. death.

Speak forth the Life of the Gospel.

Even as the Word says “Go…”.