August 11, 2013


Blessings Folk!!

Today’s reading:

Luke 16:10-12

Are you faithful?

So many claim to desire to do great things for the Kingdom of God, yet they are not faithful in the small things that train us.

We want to skip the small stuff and move to what we consider to be the “big stuff.”

God does not do things that way.

He looks for faithfulness in the little.

Faithful in little?
Faithful in much.

Unrighteous in a very little thing?
Unrighteous in much.

Unfaithful in “unrighteous wealth”...money?
Then why do you expect to be entrusted with true riches?

Unfaithful in using what is another’s?
Who will give you that which is your own?

Do not be deceived.
Faithfulness is required.