May 2, 2013


Blessings Folk!

Today’s reading:
Matthew 13:1-9
Mark 4:1-9
Luke 8:4-8


Jesus spoke and taught wherever He was.
He did not wait for a particular day of the week.
He did not wait for a particular gathering.
He did as Father instructed.

In this case, He is sitting by a lake when a crowd gathers.
Notice there was…
  • no advertising
  • no programs
  • no buildings
  • no “service”
  • no...well, all that stuff we do to try to get the attention of the world and God…

But, I digress.

Jesus often taught through parables.
Why? So that those who have ears could hear.

Here He is sharing the parable of the sower.
Apparently He used this parable often.
We have examined it previously, so here is a brief synoptic review.

There was a sower.
He sowed seed.
There was four types of soil upon which the seed landed.
There were two different results.

On the path - birds devoured the seed - no fruit.
On rock ground - not much soil - sprang up quickly, but when sun came, withered/scorched - no fruit.
Among the thorns - thorns choked seed - no fruit.
Among good soil - sprouted, grew, yielded 30/60/100 times - Fruit!

Only one in four produced fruit.
Something to be gleaned here. What is it?

“Whoever has ears to hear had better listen”.