“For Who Is God…”

August 30, 2019

“For Who Is God…”

Blessings folk!!

Who is like the Lord?
There is none.

David continues his song of deliverance.

Note Who the Lord is.
Note what He did for David.
Note what He will do for us.

2 Sa 22:32-35

“For who is God, besides the LORD?
And who is a rock, besides our God?

“God is my strong fortress;
And He sets the blameless in His way.

“He makes my feet like hinds’ feet,
And sets me on my high places.

“He trains my hands for battle,
So that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.

God is our Lord.
God is our Rock.
God is our Fortress.
God sets us free…at liberty…in our/His way.
God makes our feet like hinds’ (deer) feet…light and agile as a doe.
God sets us on the high places.
God trains our hands for battle…so as to bend the bow.

God, our Rock, does all this.

Why fear?
Why fret?
Why be consumed with anxiety?
Why give heed to the lying spirit of insecurity?

Walk in the boldness of The Rock!!

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