"Play Not Along"

January 26, 2013

“Play Not Along…”

Blessings Folk!


Matthew 21:23-27
Mark 11:27-33
Luke 20:1-8
John 2:23-25


The chief priests, the experts in the Law and the elders were always seeking to trip Jesus with religious questions.

The motivation?
They feared the people.
They feared how the people considered John to be a prophet.
They feared how the people were responding to Jesus.
They sought how to discredit Jesus.
Then, they sough to kill Him.

Such people do the same thing today.
They fear those who are truly functioning as the Lord empowers.
They seek to control and manipulate...under the guise of “leadership”.
They seek to exalt themselves while attempting to belittle the true Believer.

Jesus would not play along with the game.
When questioned this particular time He responded with a question.
They thought they could “out smart” Jesus.
We will see later that a time came when they asked Him no more questions.
Today, we see that they knew they were cornered with Jesus’ response.
Jesus revealed their motivation and their fear.

We should do as Jesus did…
  • respond as Father leads
  • refuse to play the game with religious rulers
  • speak the Word of the Lord
  • not entrust Himself to the people
    • He knew all people
    • He knew in Whom to trust

Do we?