March 17, 2013


Blessings Folk!

Today’s reading:
Matthew 7:28-29
Mark 1:21-22
Luke 7:1

What was the response of the people to the teaching of Jesus?


Jesus taught with authority.

The law “experts” did not.

Think on that for a moment…

The scribes had authority.
They relished in their positional authority.

Something about Jesus’ authority was different.

Jesus spoke the truth - so did the scribes...they taught the Word.
Jesus believed the truth of the Word...the scribes would say they believed...
Jesus lived the truth of the Word...they scribes should have lived the truth they knew.
They did not.
This is a power and authority the scribes did not have.

Do you believe?
Do you live the truth?
Live in the power and authority of the Most High.