December 23, 2013


Blessings Folk!

Today’s reading:

Matthew 28:16-20
The Eleven did as Jesus instructed.
They met Him in Galilee on a mountain.
They saw Him.
They worshipped Him.
But...amazingly…some were doubtful.

What did they doubt?
That He was alive? He was standing before them.
That He was really Jesus? He proved Himself.
Were they having a hard time believing all this was happening? That I understand. Happy

Jesus gave them what we call “the great commission”.

Note what Jesus stated and commanded:
  • All authority had been given to Jesus...in heaven and earth...from Father
  • Therefore...because of this authority that He has and gives to us...Go and make disciples of all nations!
  • Baptized them in them in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit
  • Teach them to observe all that Jesus commanded
  • Know this, Jesus is with us to the end of the age.

Were these instructions only for the Eleven?
Are they for us?

It is generally accepted that it is for the Body of Christ.
I agree.

We should do so.

We should also pay attention to the other things that Jesus told His disciples.
We too often pick and choose...