August 18, 2013


Blessings Folk!

Today’s reading:

Matthew 18:15-22
Luke 17:3-4

I believe that one of the more prominent sins of the contemporary church is the refusal to forgive.

Jesus declares that we are to forgive.

Note how He commands it - “Watch yourselves”.

If your brother sins, rebuke him.
The goal of the rebuke is that he will repent before God, not before us.

If he repents, we are then commanded to forgive him.
Without limit.
Without qualification.

Unforgiving is the root of much evil.
I believe it is the root of many physical maladies.
It is a stronghold that the enemy uses...especially against believers.

1 John had much to say about this.
Simply put, if we do not forgive we are not saved.
If we do not forgive and love, yet claim to love God, we are liars.

Forgive in abundance.

For more insight, read RT’s book… “Total Forgiveness”