"Marriage At Cana"

January 22, 2013

“Marriage at Cana”

Blessings Folk!

I’m uncertain as to the sequencing of today’s reading...don’t know why it is presented this way...but here we go.
The first three speak of Peter.
John speaks of the wedding at Cana. I believe this is the main point for the day. Happy
Matthew 16:17-18
Mark 3:16
Luke 6:14a
John 2:1-11


Turning water to wine.
It is likely that we all know the account, but, did you pay close attention.
Read again asking “who, what, when, where, why, how”?

John 2 begins with “now on the third day”.
Reading back one sees that John is presenting a particular chronology.

There was a wedding
Jesus’ mother had been invited.
So had Jesus and His disciples.

A major social faux pas occurred.
One simply did not run short of food nor drink.
The same is today.

Mary brings the problem to Jesus.
She simply states the situation.

Did she think that Jesus could do something?
Was she aware of something?
Was Jesus unaware?

Mary tells the servant to do whatever Jesus tells them to do.

I think Mary knew that the time of her Son had arrived.

Jesus told the servants what to do.
The Father told Him.
Later Jesus states that He only did what Father instructed.

Fill the water jars.
Take to head servant for approval.

It was superior wine to that which had been served.
This was wine...not juice.
So much of the Word has been twisted and manipulated to fit the agenda of man.
Yes, we are told not to be drunk with wine.
We are also told to not be gluttons.

We are told that Jesus did this as the first of His miraculous signs.

In this way He revealed His glory
The disciples believed in Him.

Are we revealing the glory of the Lord?
Do people believe Him because of us?