“Error of Balaam - 13, You Shall Speak Such”

January 30, 2020

“Error of Balaam - 13, You Shall Speak Such”

Blessings folk!

Balaam and Balak are on a mountain viewing a portion of the people of the Lord.

Now, read what occurs…

Num 23:1-6

Then Balaam said to Balak,
“Build seven altars for me here, and prepare seven bulls and seven rams for me here.”

Balak did just as Balaam had spoken,
and Balak and Balaam offered up a bull and a ram on each altar.

Then Balaam said to Balak,
“Stand beside your burnt offering, and I will go;
perhaps the LORD will come to meet me, and whatever He shows me I will tell you.”
So he went to a bare hill.

Now God met Balaam, and he said to Him,
“I have set up the seven altars, and I have offered up a bull and a ram on each altar.”

Then the LORD put a word in Balaam’s mouth and said,
“Return to Balak, and you shall speak thus.”

So he returned to him, and behold,
he was standing beside his burnt offering, he and all the leaders of Moab.

Balaam told Balak to prepare seven altars.
He was to prepare seven bulls and seven rams for sacrifice

Balak did so.

Balaam and Balak then offered up a bull and a ram on each altar.

Wondering who they were presenting offering to?
The Word does not tell us.
We assume, probably correctly, that Balaam was offering to the Lord God.
But, it is not stated.

Balaam then tells Balak to remain there while he goes to see if the Lord would meet him.

The Lord did meet with him.
There was a conversation…apparently a verbal conversation.
Likely a physical manifestation of the Lord.

Balaam tells the Lord about the seven altars and his offering.

The silence of the Lord is deafening.
Apparently He was not impressed. Happy

He then puts a Word in Balaam’s mouth.
That is interesting.

He tells Balaam…

  • Return to Balak
  • Speak the Word I have put in your mouth

Balaam returned to the place of sacrifice.
He stood by his offering.
The leaders of Moab waited.

The scene is set.

What will Balaam speak?
His word?
The word Balak wanted…a curse?
(Remember, Balaam would receive riches and honor for such)
The Word the Lord placed in His mouth?

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