"Jerusalem, Jerusalem…"

August 1, 2013

“Jerusalem, Jerusalem…”

Blessings Folk!

Matthew 23:37-39
Luke 13:34-35

We see an interesting historical fact here.
We see the heart of the Savior.

Jerusalem killed the prophets.
Jerusalem stoned those who were sent to her.

Not the town/city itself, but the folk of the city, especially the leadership.
God did/will hold them accountable.

Jesus desired to gather His people, to comfort them, to rescue them, to provide for them.

He is the Way of salvation.

But, they rejected Him.

Therefore, He tells them that their house will now be desolate.
They would not see Him until they said, “Blessed is He Who comes in the name of the Lord.”

Some would do that in a few days.
It is yet to come for others.

What say you?
Have you rejected?
Do you declare “Blessed is He…”?