February 13, 2013


Blessing Folk!

Today’s reading:

Matthew 9:9-13
Mark 2:13-17
Luke 5:27-32


Jesus calls Matthew with simple words, “come”.

Matthew was a tax collector.
Likely a thief.

Yet the Lord called Him.

Even more.

The Lord spent time with Matthew and his friends.

Matthew threw a big party and his friends came...fellow (many) tax collectors and sinners. Jesus ate with them. He “hung-out” with them. They followed Him.

Of course the Pharisees were offended by such and confronted Jesus about it.

Jesus spoke of how such needed Him.
Jesus spoke of mercy and not just sacrifice.

Some would say that the church is not like this today.
Yes it is.
We point our fingers at folk that are eating and drinking with people in places we do not approve.
Be careful of such.

Search your own heart.
Walk in obedience.