"Come Out"

February 5, 2013

“Come Out!”

Blessings Folk!

Todays reading:
Mark 1:23-28
Luke 4:33-37

Many of the things that Jesus did day-to-day make the contemporary “believer” nervous.

Jesus healed.
Jesus delivered people from demons.

In our time, such is not considered to be normative life in the Kingdom.
This is wrong.

Note the facts.

The possessed man was in the synagogue.
He was participating in worship, teaching, etc.
An unclean - demonic - spirit cried out from within him.

There were many spirits and they cried to Jesus.
Look again at what they said…
“Leave us alone, Jesus of Nazareth…
Have you come to destroy us?…
I know who You are - the Holy One of God!”

The demons testified that He was the Holy One of God.
The demons cowered in fear.
The demons obeyed.

Jesus said two thing:
“Come out of him”

The demons obeyed.
They did not go “pretty”.
They put on a show.
They convulsed the man after throwing him down.
Then, the demon left with a loud voice...scream.

The man was free.

The people were amazed.
What was this?
A new teaching with authority.

The question is often asked, “does such occur today?”


We all encounter demons often...if not on a daily basis.
We have given creative names to such conditions.
We have sought to massage and medicate them.

The truth is that many are possessed, oppressed and depressed by the minions of the evil one.

The Lord wants to set them free.
He wants to use us.

Observe what Jesus did.

Do likewise.

He came to set the captive free.