January 24, 2015


Blessings folk!

So often we forget the basics.
So often we are distracted by good things.
So often we are deceived by evil masquerading as good.

Paul sought to exhort Timothy on that which is most important to remember…

2 Timothy 2:8-9
8 Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, descendant of David, according to my gospel,
9 for which I suffer hardship even to imprisonment as a criminal; but the word of God is not imprisoned.

Remember Jesus Christ.
The Foundation.
Jesus = “Yahweh saves/Salvation”
Christ = “Anointed”

Remember the Saving, Anointed One.

Jesus Christ…

  • risen from the dead...He was dead...He is now alive
  • descendant of David
  • according to Paul’s gospel...the true gospel according to what Paul had proclaimed

  • proclaimed gospel
  • suffered hardship for the gospel...even unto imprisonment as a criminal

But, now this...the Word of God is never imprisoned.

Therefore, primary is to remember Jesus Christ and the basic truths of the Kingdom of God.

This Word...this Truth...is never imprisoned nor will ever die...