August 9, 2013


Blessings folk!

Today’s reading:

Luke 15:11-32

Jesus continues His teaching related to “the lost”.

A familiar account.
Let not a spirit of “familiarity” rob you of truths.
Read carefully.

Pay attention to the characters:
The young son.
The older son.
The father.

The young son took his inheritance and left.
He squandered his estate with loose living.
He spent everything.
Upon finding himself at the bottom, he realizes his foolishness and goes home to serve his father.
Not as a son.
As a servant.

The father.
Upon seeing his son from a distant the father felt compassion, ran to him, embraced him, restored him with great joy and celebration.
Best robe.
Best calf.
That which was “dead” is now alive.

The older son.
Upon returning from working in the field he hears the party...the music.
He sees the dancing.
Upon hearing the news of the younger’s return, the older is angry.
I suspect we all can relate.
No. It was not “fair”.
Yes. The older son had remained. He had toiled.
Yes. The older son’s “attitude” was not correct.
Yes. The older son confronted the father with creative account…” this son of yours came, who devoured your wealth with prostitutes”...nothing was said of prostitutes. Also, the wealth had been transferred to the younger. It was his.

The father spoke in wisdom.
“Son, you have always been with me”.
“All that is mine is yours.”
“But, we had to celebrate”
What was dead is alive.
What was lost is found.

For us.
Do not do as the younger.
Do not sin.
Do as the younger.
Repent. Seek forgiveness.

Love as the father.
Forgive as the father.
Restore as the father.

Do not be as the older.
Hold not a grudge.
Be not resent-filled at the restoration of others.