"Obedience, Provision, Victory, Worship, Dread"

December 2, 2015

“Obedience, Provision, Victory, Worship, Dread”

Blessings folk!

One last look at the insightful account of the Lord’s victory in 2 Chronicles 20.

Note the following:
  • What did Israel discover when they followed the Lord’s instruction?
  • What did they do the next three days?
  • What did they do the fourth day?
  • What was their response? Why?
  • What did other people think? What did they do?

2 Chronicles 20:24-30
24 When Judah came to the lookout of the wilderness, they looked toward the multitude, and behold, they were corpses lying on the ground, and no one had escaped.
25 When Jehoshaphat and his people came to take their spoil, they found much among them, including goods, garments and valuable things which they took for themselves, more than they could carry. And they were three days taking the spoil because there was so much.
26 Then on the fourth day they assembled in the valley of Beracah, for there they blessed the Lord. Therefore they have named that place “The Valley of Beracah” until today.
27 Every man of Judah and Jerusalem returned with Jehoshaphat at their head, returning to Jerusalem with joy, for the Lord had made them to rejoice over their enemies.
28 They came to Jerusalem with harps, lyres and trumpets to the house of the Lord.
29 And the dread of God was on all the kingdoms of the lands when they heard that the Lord had fought against the enemies of Israel.
30 So the kingdom of Jehoshaphat was at peace, for his God gave him rest on all sides.

When they came to where the Lord had instructed them to gather they found the enemy dead.
They had not fought…in the physical sense.
They had worshipped and praised.
They had been obedient to the instruction of the Lord.

They spent three days gathering the spoil.
The Lord brought forth provision in the midst of battle victory.
He does the same for us…if we trust.

On the fourth day they gathered and blessed the Lord.

They returned to Jerusalem with joy with Jehoshaphat at their head.
(Leaders: Lead in humility before the Lord. He will raise you up and exalt you. Do not depend upon the status of position or title to lead. Such will fail.)
The Lord has made them rejoice over their enemies.

They came to the house of the Lord.
They worshipped with instruments and voice.

The result among the people/kingdoms around them?
The dread of God was upon the other kingdoms.
They heard that the Lord had fought for them.

Oh that the same would happen today.
Oh that we would depend upon the Lord and His glory and that His dread would fall upon those who do not believe.

Because of all this, the kingdom of Jehoshaphat was at peace.
The Lord gave him rest on all sides.

Are you without rest?
Learn the lesson of Jehoshaphat.