“I AM Your Shield”

March 24, 2020

“I AM Your Shield”

Blessings folk!

To those who believe…
To those who have faith in the Lord…
Victory is proclaimed!

We have victory over all things through the Lord.

We especially have victory over fear.

“Fear” is a strategy of the evil one.
The Lord knows.
That is the reason that He tells us to “not fear”…says so hundreds of times in the Word.

Therefore, take in the Word of the Lord.
Heed it,
Fear not by His Power!

Gen 15:1
After these things the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision, saying,
“Do not fear, Abram,
I am a shield to you;
Your reward shall be very great.”

The same is said to those who truly believe.

The Lord is our shield.
His reward will be very great.

Manifest the Presence and Power of the Most High in all you do today.

He will bring the many to righteousness….

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