May 21, 2013


Blessings Folk!

Today’s reading:
John 5:2-47


Some interesting things here.

Jesus would have walked past this pool many times.
He would have seen the diseased and suffering.

If you click the hyperlink above you are able to see five versions of the passage. Note how the NET and NIV totally delete verse 4. You will find this type of thing rather often in some of the modern translations. This is the reason to study with several versions. I usually have the NASB, KJB, NET and Holman open.

The sick, blind, lame and withered awaited the angelic stirring of the water - so that they might be the first in to be healed.

Something about blind/lame/withered seeking to move quickly…

Jesus saw a particular 38-year old lying there.
Jesus asked a curious question - “Do you wish to get well?”

One would think that all the sick desire to be well.
Such is not the case.

The man responded that it was not “for a lack of trying” that he was not healed.

Jesus speaks the words.
“Get up, pick up you pallet and walk”
The man did.

Well, is just “happened” to be Sabbath.

The religionist had a fit.

The religionist care not about the individual.
They care not that he had been healed.
They only cared about their interpretation of the Law.

Jesus tells the man to sin not.

We see that the Jews persecuted Jesus because He did these things on the Sabbath.
We see that Father and Son are working.

Healing on the Sabbath.
Equating Himself with God.

So, why did Jesus heal the man at this time?
Because it was what the Father was doing.
Jesus only did the things He saw Father doing.

So much about Jesus is revealed:
  • many testified of Him - John, Jesus’ works, the Father, the Word
  • Son can do nothing of Himself
  • Only does what He sees Father do
  • Father loves Him
  • Father shows Him all the things He is doing
  • Gives life to whom He wishes
  • All judgment given to Son
  • All will honor the Son