“I Will Also Show This Goodness to You…”

May 26, 2018

“I Will Also Show This Goodness to You…”

Blessings folk!

David and his men are now living in the cities of Hebron.

The following shows two things…
  1. David is anointed king of Judah…
  2. David’s continued outpouring of love and support for Saul and his family…even in their death. He truly honored the anointed of the Lord…in word and deed.

2 Sam 2:4-7
Then the men of Judah came and there anointed David king over the house of Judah.
And they told David, saying, “It was the men of Jabesh-gilead who buried Saul.”

David sent messengers to the men of Jabesh-gilead, and said to them,
“May you be blessed of the LORD because you have shown this kindness to Saul your lord,
and have buried him.

“Now may the LORD show lovingkindness and truth to you;
and I also will show this goodness to you, because you have done this thing.

“Now therefore, let your hands be strong and be valiant; for Saul your lord is dead,
and also the house of Judah has anointed me king over them.”

The men of Jabesh-gilead had shown kindness to Saul by burying him.
David spoke blessings of the Lord over them for this act.
David called for the Lord to show lovingkindness and truth to them.

But David did not stop there.
He not only spoke blessing.
He blessed.
He would show goodness to them for what they had done.
He would be the vessel by which the Lord would bless.

How often we call upon the Lord to “bless”, yet we refuse to be the vehicle of the blessing.

David called for them to be strong and valiant.
He was now king.
They had nothing to fear from him.

Again, David typifying what we as believers have in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Be strong in the Lord and the power of this might.
Fear not!
It is gonna get worse…