Blessed Are Those Who Believe

January 4, 2013

Blessings Folk!

“Blessed Are Those Who Believe”

Today’s reading is from Luke 1:39-56

Note the sequence of events and the reaction of all involved.

Mary went to see Elizabeth.
When? “In those days…”
In the days of the pregnancy of both. After the visit of the angel.

Mary greets Elizabeth.
Immediately Elizabeth is filled with the Holy Spirit.
Then Elizabeth proclaimed the following, apparently before Mary had told her anything…
  • blessed are you among women
  • blessed is the child in your womb
  • blessed is she (Mary) who believed what was spoken by the Lord would be fulfilled
  • who am I that the mother of my Lord should come and visit me

We then see when/how she understood all this…
The instant the greeting of Mary reached Elizabeth’s ear the baby in Elizabeth lept for joy.

This tells us much about babies in the womb.

Then, again, she states that Mary is blessed for believing the Word of the Lord.

A principle for us: blessed are we when we believe the Word of the Lord.

How does Mary respond?

She breaks forth in what is often called The Magnificat, A Hymn of Praise and Magnifying God.

She exalts and rejoiced in the Lord.

Look at the truths of the Lord she proclaims…
  • He had looked upon her
  • He blessed her
  • He did great things for her
  • He name is Holy
  • He is merciful to those who fear Him
  • He demonstrates His power
  • He scatters those whose pride wells up
  • He brings down the mighty
  • He lifts up the lowly
  • He fills the hungry with good things
  • He sends the rich away empty
  • He helps His servant Israel
  • He is mercy

This is the Lord that saved us.
This is the Lord we serve.

Let us rejoice as Mary, Elizabeth and John!

Pray for the family of Mary this moment she has made a turn toward glory.