August 21, 2013


Blessings Folk!

Today’s reading:

Luke 17:11-19

Jesus was traveling to Jerusalem.
As He entered a village a group of 10 lepers met him, standing at a distance.
Lepers were required keep distance from people.
They were required to shout forth their affliction, “unclean, unclean”!

They cried to Jesus asking Him to have mercy on them.
They were asking for healing.

Jesus told them to “go and show yourselves to the priests.”
This was the practice provided by The Law to prove that healing had occurred.
They did.
They were healed.

Note that the healing took place “as they went along.”
By faith...in going to the priests...they were healed.

But, only one gave thanks.

The one returned to thank the Lord.
A Samaritan.
Fell at the feet of the Lord - worshipped - and gave thanks.

Jesus inquired as to where the others were.

Jesus told the man to get up and go. Your faith has made you well.

Do you walk in faith?
Do you give thanks?
Do you believe?