"Jesus Gave"

May 22, 2013

“Jesus Gave”

Blessed Folk!

Todays reading:

Matthew 9:35-10:1, 10:7-10:14
Mark 6:6b-13
Luke 9:1-16


  • traveled through all the towns and villages
  • taught in their synagogues
  • preached the good news of the Kingdom
  • healed every kind of disease and sickness

Traveled. Taught. Preached. Healed.
This is what Jesus did.

Jesus’ disciples
  • called by Jesus
  • given authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out
  • healed every kind of disease and sickness
  • went…”as you go…”
  • preached - the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand
  • healed sick
  • raised the dead
  • cleansed the lepers
  • cast out demons
  • freely gave what they had freely received
  • did not take gold/silver/copper in their belts, no bag for journey, extra clothes
  • did not bounce from house to house in a community. Stayed where welcome. Left where not received.

It will be said “Yes, but that was the 12”.

But, we are told that we will do the things that Jesus did...even greater things.

What did they preach?

Jesus gave them power.
He has done the same for us...if we choose to believe and live in it.