“You Have Been Unfaithful…”

July 12, 2018

“You Have Been Unfaithful…”

Blessings folk!

The people had been summoned.
They had three days to arrive.

They did.

The people were trembling, note why.

Ezra 10:9
So all the men of Judah and Benjamin assembled at Jerusalem within the three days.
It was the ninth month on the twentieth of the month, and all the people sat in the open square before the house of God, trembling because of this matter and the heavy rain.

The people were trembling because of the matter before them.
The people were trembling due to the heavy rain.
They were out in the open.
They were exposed…in all ways.
They sat before the Lord.

Ezra 10:10-11
Then Ezra the priest stood up and said to them,
“You have been unfaithful and have married foreign wives adding to the guilt of Israel.

“Now therefore, make confession to the LORD God of your fathers and do His will;
and separate yourselves from the peoples of the land and from the foreign wives.”

Ezra stood and spoke the truth.
He declared that they had been unfaithful by marrying foreign wives.
He declared that they had added to the guilt of Israel.

Ezra than told them what to do.
Confess to the Lord God.
Do His will.
Separate themselves from the sin…in this case, the peoples of the land and foreign wives.

We must do the same.
We must speak the truth.
We must separated from sin.
We must give people the path of restoration.

Regrettably, this is rare today.

Rather than truth, we have tickling of ears.
Rather then repentance, we have relying on the religious organizations/interpretations of man.
Rather than separation from the world, we have syncretism with the world.

We have been unfaithful.
Let us repent and press on.