"Deeds? Depart!"

March 15, 2013

“Deeds? Depart!”

Blessings Folk,

Today’s reading…
Matthew 7:21-23
Luke 6:46
Luke 13:25-27

This is probably the most chilling and sobering portion of Scripture to me.

The truth is simple.

You cannot call Jesus “Lord” and not do what He tells you to do.

The “deeds” are not what we usually point to.

The Lord was clear.

Many will say “Lord, Lord”. In other words, they will profess that Jesus is Lord.
They will point to their deeds...their work.
They prophesied in the name of the Lord.
They cast out demons in the name of the Lord.
They did many miracles/powerful deeds in the name of the Lord.

Yet, Jesus will look at them and say, “I never knew you.”

Then how were “they” able to do all these things?

The Lord chose honor His name.

They did so “in the name of the Lord”, though they are not truly saved.
Jesus calls their deeds “practicing lawlessness”.
They are not in correct relationship with the Lord.

The Lord will judge such.
He did so in the days of Noah.
He will do so in the future.

Where do you stand?

What deed is the Lord expecting?

Knowing Him.

Do you know Him or are you eating/drinking/dancing in His Presence while tripping the light fantastic on the path to the lake of fire?