August 26, 2013


Blessings Folk!

Today’s reading:

John 7:1-9

Too often we “think” that Jesus’ “ministry” on earth was a time of joy and frolic, teaching and eating.

Such was not the case.

There was joy.
There was communion.
There was family and friends.

There was also conflict.
Conflict that would ultimately lead to His death.

Jesus walked in wisdom.
He knew the Jews were seeking to kill Him, so he avoided Judea until such time as Father led Him.

Jesus’ earthly brothers were encouraging Him to go to Judea to show the works that He did.

We can question their motivation.

They did not believe in Him.
They did not believe He was Messiah.

Jesus dealt with them forthrightly.
His time to go had not come.
Their motivation was that of the world.
The world did not hate them because they behaved as the world.
The world hated Jesus because He testified of their evil deeds.

Jesus tells them to go the Feast...the Feasts of Booths...one of the seven feasts of the Lord that God gave to Israel to be celebrated every year.

Jesus stayed behind.

But, not for long…