"Slaves to Righteousness"

May 21, 2016

“Slaves to Righteousness”

Blessings folk!

We do not sin more so that more grace will abound.

Such is foolishness…though many professing believers seem to think it the truth.

We once were enslaved to sin.
But, we have now given ourselves to the Lord.

Rom 6:15-18

What then? Should we sin because we are not under law but under grace? Absolutely not!

Don’t you know that if you offer yourselves to someone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of that one you obey — either of sin leading to death or of obedience leading to righteousness?

But thank God that, although you used to be slaves of sin, you obeyed from the heart that pattern of teaching you were transferred to,

and having been liberated from sin, you became enslaved to righteousness.

The obedience did not come from our own volition.
We obeyed from the heart.
A heart that was being drawn by the Lord.

We moved from being slaves to sin - leading to death…to slaves of obedience - leading to righteousness.

We are now liberated from sin.
We are now enslaved to righteousness and the liberty therein.
Slaves to liberty.
Slaves to freedom.

Thank the Lord.