"Women See Jesus"

December 17, 2013

“Women See Jesus”

Blessings folk!

Today’s reading:

Matthew 28:9-10
Mark 16:9-11
Luke 24:10-11
John 20:14-18

Jesus appears to the women.
I can’t imagine!
They fell at His feet, taking hold of His feet and worshipped Him.

Jesus tells them to fear not, go tell the brethren to meet Him in Galilee.

We learn some things…
  • Mary Magdalene had been delivered of seven demons. We think such does not occur today. We are wrong.
  • the disciples refused to believe the report of Mary Magdalene.

John gives an intimate account of the encounter between Mary and Jesus.
  • Mary was weeping, supposing Him to be the gardener
  • She wanted to know where the body was
  • Upon recognizing Jesus, she clung to Him
  • Jesus told her to stop clinging, for He had not ascended to the Father… humm?
    • wonder what all that means?

Again, the disciples did not believe...though two ran to the tomb.

Do you believe? Really believe?