"With A Word"

March 29, 2013

“With A Word”

Blessings folk!

Today’s reading:
Matthew 8:16-17
Mark 1:32-34
Luke 4:40-41

Jesus carried about the deeds of the Kingdom night and day.
So should we.

People were bringing their sick to Jesus.
Note how they were described in these passages:
  • demon possessed
  • sick
  • infirmed
  • diseased

Jesus drove out the evil spirits with a word.
He placed His hands on all who came and healed them.

The demons would declare the truth, “You are the Son of God”, but Jesus would not allow them to speak.
He rebuked them.
They knew.

Do you?
Do you truly know Him as Messiah, Christ, Savior?
Or, are you playing the age-old religious game of the demons?
Acknowledging that Jesus is the Son of God, but having not belief unto salvation.

Jesus took our weaknesses.
Jesus carried our diseases.
(Note how the quote from Isaiah is tied to demon deliverance and physical healing.
This helps to interpret Isaiah 53 properly.)

Jesus continues the same work.
Wonder who He does it through?