“Valiant or Worthless?”

January 14, 2018

“Valiant or Worthless?”

Blessings folk!

Samuel presented Saul as king to Israel.

The people responded “long live the king.”

They had what they wanted.
They had a king.
They had rejected God to attain the king.
They did not care.

Now, we continue the narrative…

1Sa 10:25-27

Then Samuel told the people the ordinances of the kingdom, and wrote them in the book and placed it before the LORD. And Samuel sent all the people away, each one to his house.

Saul also went to his house at Gibeah;
and the valiant men whose hearts God had touched went with him.

But certain worthless men said, “How can this one deliver us?”
And they despised him and did not bring him any present. But he kept silent.

Samuel told the people the ordinances of the kingdom.
The rules.
The regulations.
He told them and wrote them down in a book.
He then placed the book before the Lord.

Samuel had done what the Lord told him to do.

Saul went home. Yet, trouble was already brewing.
Sides were being taken.

Certain worthless men (we see that phrase in several places in Scripture) questioned how Saul, “this one”, could deliver them.
They despised Saul.
They did not present themselves before him.

Saul knew this, and kept silent.

The other side were valiant men.
Men that went home with Saul.
Men whose hearts had been touched by God.

Which are you?